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Update (2019) : This website is deprecated. Some/much of the info
it contains is from an era that is quickly slipping into the past...
(Unfortunately, I don't update this website as often as I would like. So, please be prepared
for some of the info below to be outdated. Thanks for your understanding.)

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General Support
eBay Developers Program The home page for the eBay Developers Program has links to many helpful docs and support pages. | eBay Developers Program |
Peer Support Forums Online discussion forums for eBay affiliate matters and eBay Developer assistance. | eBay Partner Network forum/group | eBay Developer Forums | Stack Overflow (tag: eBay) | Facebook Group: eBay Developers | CollabFinder Group: eBay API Developers |
eBay Partner Network (ePN) Manual
ePN Help/User Manual The ePN Help Manual is pubicly accessible, and contains a lot of detailed information about managing one's ePN account, technicalities surrounding links and tracking, reporting, and much more. | the ePN User/Help Manual |
ePN Glossary & FAQ A glossary of ePN-related terms, and beginner's FAQs about ePN. | ePN Help Manual: Glossary | intro FAQ | getting started FAQ |
ePN Transaction Download Report (TDR) Field definition/mapping for the ePN TDR. Also, extensive TDR tutorial. | field mapping in the ePN Help Manual | tutorial on the ePN Blog |
ePN Base URLs Some base URLs, as provided by ePN, for some of their tools. | in the ePN Help Manual |
ePN Affiliate Link Query String Parameters ePN released an explanation of the URL query string parameters found in the new (post- May-2009) affiliate link format, such as in links created from Link Generator. | at: ePN forum thread | at: ePN Blog | in the ePN Help Manual | Rotation IDs (per ePN) in the ePN Help Manual |
ePN Reporting (& Transaction Download Report) API Specs ePN offers functionality that allows you to login to any ePN page by appending your login credentials to the URL. This is meant for scripting access to ePN so that you can obtain reports/data in an automated manner.

2017 Update: The above may no longer be true. Similarly with the Transaction Download Report (TDR). However, some discussion in the ePN forum/group suggests it may still be doable with the TDR. (Special thanks to eBay user 'h0bojoe' for this info.)
| in the ePN Help Manual | old version: ePN Help Manual | ePN forum/group thread comments 1 | ePN forum/group thread comments 2 | ePN API FAQ: (scroll down to section "Can I request performance data of my EPN account via API?") |
ePN Tool Validator This is an old ePN link validation tool that seems to be deprecated as of sometime in 2015. It's no longer linked to from within the ePN portal as it used to be. From the start it only worked with certain kinds of links — see the related ePN blog post. (Thanks to ePN forum user clickprime for providing this direct link.) | within ePN portal: ePN Tool Validator | details at: ePN Blog |
ePN Terms and Conditions Documents These are the primary ePN T&C documents that probably apply to most ePN affiliates/publishers. It's always a good idea to review them in detail, periodically.

Note that other T&C/ToS documents may apply in your specific situation, such as specific ePN Program details, payment structure details, Half.com terms, etc.

2018 Update: ePN released (Sep-2018) a revised ToS document; see the last link to the right.
| ePN Network Agreement | ePN Network Code of Conduct | ePN Privacy Policy | eBay and Half.com Advertiser Terms and Conditions | eBay US Program Details | eBay US Payment Structure | ePN Software Applications Policy | Facebook Boosted Posts | 2018 ePN ToS/Policies Info |
eBay Developer API License The eBay Developer Program API License Agreement (and perhaps other related license agreements). Always good to know what's in this document if you use the eBay API.
| eBay API License Agreement(s) |
New ePN Pricing Structure (2013+) ePN revamped its pricing structure for system-wide launch on 01-Oct-2013, and then with some subsequent pricing changes occurring at various points in the years afterwards. Here are various ePN blog posts (English) about the changes.
| April 2013 intro | TDR updates #1 | launch announcement #1 | TDR updates #2 / tips video | launch announcement #2 | pricing rate card | more category info | new pricing FAQs | comments by Brian Marcus | tips: optimization via TDR | negative earnings | user freq values | rate card drill-down (old) | transaction adjustments window | DE/UK pricing adjustments | DE/UK changes FAQ | how account credits are estimated | eBay Deals commissions exceptions | 01-Mar-2017 pricing changes |
Geolocation: IP-to-Country If you're doing any kind of custom geolocation/geotargeting, IPinfoDB.com offers a very solid solution to lookup a user's country based on their IP address. They offer both an API and downloadable DB, free of charge. ... There's a similar kind of feed from ePN's consultancy R.O.Eye that also returns an ePN custom banner ID for ePN-supported countries. | at: IPinfoDB.com | at: R.O.Eye |
Geotargeting: ePN Post-Click I've done only limited testing on this, but it looks like ePN offers post-click geotargeting, simply by adding &lgeo=1 to the affiliate/rover link. Experiment with building such links by having the eBay API return them to you, properly formatted, following the call specs. Some general info about ePN's automatic geotargeting capabilities and limitations can be found in the ePN Help Manual. | API call specs: eBay Dev docs |
Geotargeting: Country-to-eBay A general 1-to-1 mapping of each country to a potentially-suitable eBay country-site. (Thanks to eBay user 'zorankn' for posting it.) | at: ePN forum/group thread |
eBay Categories
eBay Category IDs via Download ePN's consultancy R.O.Eye created a downloadable Microsoft Excel file containing the multi-level eBay category tree for all ePN programs. For eBay US and Motors, eBay may be providing a current CSV-file download of categories/IDs you can import into a spreadsheet. | download at: R.O.Eye Labs | info at: R.O.Eye Blog | more info at: ePN Blog | eBay US: CSV download | eBay US Motors: CSV download |
eBay (Daily) Deals URLs Links/feeds for eBay Deals for several supported country-sites in various formats & misc other feeds. | info |
Affiliatize eBay RSS Feeds ePN created a beta tool at Yahoo! Pipes which takes ~any eBay search RSS feed and affiliatizes it. | at: Yahoo! Pipes | mentioned in: ePN Blog comments |
ePN RSS Feed Display Here are a couple ePN forum community tips on how to process ePN's RSS feed for display on a website or WordPress blog. (I haven't tested these.) | at: ePN forum thread |
RSS v1 to RSS v2 Mapping ePN provided parameter mappings between the former v1 and new v2 RSS feeds. | at: Google Docs | more info: ePN Blog | RSS v2 info in: ePN Help Manual | at: R.O.Eye |
Code Samples/Tools/Tweaks
eBay API Call Builder/Tester Tools These are various web tools to help you contruct an API call to eBay. Special thanks to David Sadler of Devbay and InTradeSys for their 3P tools and assistance. | eBay Developer API Test Tool | other eBay Developer recommended API test tools | InTradeSys Live API Playground | Bobbie (for findItemsAdvanced) | Using Postman for eBay API |
Editor Kit eBay's Editor Kit (EK) is deprecated and expected to cease functioning completely sometime in 2014/2015. Here are some potential replacements for the EK (in no particular order) – widgets from independent providers, as well as from ePN. (FYI: I haven't used or tested any of these.) | AuctionTools | phpBay Pro API | AuctionAffiliate | ePN Custom Banner | info at ePN Group threads: 1 2 3 4 |
ISO-8601 Time-Duration Parsing eBay's API returns 'TimeLeft' data in ISO 8601 format that requires parsing by the developer for easy reading by the end-user. Fortunately, eBay Star Developer Award winner ElZorro has done the legwork already on this and offered up a couple of comprehensive regex patterns to parse the data for us in one fell swoop. (Thanks, Joe!) | replacement tip at: StackOverflow.com | at: eBay Dev forum thread |
ePN Affiliate Link Bookmarklet ePN publisher clickprime created a handy browser bookmarklet to make it easy to construct an on-the-fly ePN affiliate/rover link while visiting any eBay view-item page. | at: ePN forum/group thread | earlier version at: archived ePN forum thread |
cURLfriend() A wrapper function I wrote to make it easier to make eBay Shopping API, Finding API, and Trading API (and possibly some other XML-based web services) calls using the PHP library cURL. | the code | more info: eBay Dev forum thread |
ePN Referring URLs ePN has made it clear it's important for them to see the referring URLs on almost all the traffic we send through ePN affiliate links. To that end, they published an extensive, technical blog post to help us ensure we're relaying traffic to eBay with unobstructed referrers. | at: ePN Blog |
eBay API Gallery Image Resizing If the gallery image URLs you receive from the Finding API are too small for your tastes, you might like this clever (but unofficial) hack to retrieve larger gallery images, such as 96x96 px and 140x140 px. And up to 1600x1600 px sizes may also be available. (Note: Since publishing this tip, eBay has released a formal/supported way to retrieve gallery images of various sizes from the Finding API using a new Output Selector called 'GalleryInfo'.) | at: ePN forum/group thread | Gallery Plus info at: ePN forum/group thread | at: eBay Dev forum thread |
eBay URL Parameters/Syntax Sometimes you need to construct an eBay search URL that'll take the user to search results on eBay itself. Here are some of the URL query string parameters I've collected to perform this task. Also: eBay View Item page URL syntax. | info |
Some eBay Javascript/JSON Data/Feeds Unofficial and unsupported, but potentially valuable supplements to help fill the gap where eBay API calls and official feeds leave off. (Thanks to eBay user 'clickprime'.) | at: ePN forum/group thread |
eBay API via Excel VBA Some skeleton sample code (though I haven't tested) kindly provided by user 'dufflepod' to access the Trading API from within a VBA script in Excel. | at: eBay Dev forum thread |
eBay Slot Machines Yup. | photos |
eBay Country-Sites List A Google spreadsheet listing all eBay country-sites handled by ePN and eBay Developer, with a variety of helpful parameters for eBay Developers and affiliates. | the list | more info: ePN forum thread | more info: eBay Dev forum thread |
eBay Landing Page Types ePN breaks down several possible eBay landing pages into distinct types. There's more than just landing visitors on a specific eBay view-item page! | at: ePN |
eBay Hybrid Landing Page (HLP) eBay has a neat little alternate/tangential View Item page that they may have been quietly experimenting with in recent years, called a "Hybrid Landing Page". It often shows 20 similar items to the showcased item, using some sort of internal comparison logic, and could be used as another place to land visitors. Many eBay country-sites are supported, but many aren't. See URL syntax, countries, and other details on the noted forum threads and ePN Blog post. | at: ePN forum thread 1 | at: ePN forum thread 2 | at: ePN forum/group thread 3 | at: ePN Blog |
Google AdWords Conversion Tracking for ePN Affiliates A fantastic article by Tim Felmingham on how to track conversions for eBay/ePN affiliates who want to drive traffic to their sites via Google AdWords. | at: TimFelmingham.com | comment at: ePN forum/group thread |
ePN Tool IDs ToolIDs are components of ePN affiliate links that designate how the link was generated.

In addition to ToolIDs noted at the links to the right, below are a few more I've come across:

10039 - RSS Feed v2 (Advanced Search)
10040 - findItemsByCategory
10041 - findItemsByKeywords
10042 - findItemsByProduct
10043 - findItemsIneBayStores
10044 - findItemsAdvanced
10045 - findItemsByImage
| at: ePN Blog | new Tool ID for APIs, at: ePN Blog |
eBay Mobile Home Page URLs A compilation of discovered mobile web landing pages for the eBay home page, for many of eBay's country-sites. (Thanks to Al for this info.) [possibly outdated] | the list |

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