Some Handy Aggregated Reference Info
for ePN Affiliates and eBay Developers

Update (2019) : This website is deprecated. Some/much of the info
it contains is from an era that is quickly slipping into the past...
(Unfortunately, I don't update this website as often as I would like. So, please be prepared
for some of the info below to be outdated. Thanks for your understanding.)

eBay Countries/Sites

Below is a spreadsheet of eBay countries/sites with various technical details helpful to eBay API programmers and ePN affiliates. For more information about this, or to submit corrections, please visit this eBay Developer forum thread. You can also view the full page spreadsheet. Moreover, down below are some explanatory notes.


Site Code : this is what can get returned for a country in calls like GetSingleItem

. , Swap : whether to swap the decimal point and thousands separator symbols in number displays, compared to the US

$: B/A : whether the currency symbol typically gets displayed before or after the numeric value

Non-Western : the character set of the eBay site is non-Western based (not Roman script)

Non-Top : a general catch-all term to mean that the site isn't a fully-fledged standalone eBay site (example: eBay Motors) or seemingly inaccessible to certain parts of the world (example: eBay.tw).

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