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Update (2019) : This website is deprecated. Some/much of the info
it contains is from an era that is quickly slipping into the past...
(Unfortunately, I don't update this website as often as I would like. So, please be prepared
for some of the info below to be outdated. Thanks for your understanding.)

eBay (Daily) Deals URLs

Below are misc links/feeds for eBay Deals for the main supported eBay country-sites, and possibly other country-sites as well (see below notes). 2016 Update: many of these feeds have been deprecated or changed over the years. I can't always keep up with the changes, but I usually will list the latest active feeds I'm aware of near the top of this page. Classic feeds include web, RSS, XML. "Anywhere" feeds are offered in XML and include some options beyond Daily Deals. Also mentioned below: Fashion Sales/Events links, US Motors Parts Deals, eBay/ePN Deals RSS feed.

2016 Update: eBay Deals ePN Commission Exceptions

ePN announced that some eBay Deals for US and Canada are excepted from affiliate commissions; on average, this should be less than 1% of Deals. This went into effect 06-Oct-2016. ePN created feeds to identify which Deals are excepted.

ePN blog post: http://www.ebaypartnernetworkblog.com/en/2016/11/optimize-deals-promotions-new-feed/
Feed: US (page 1): http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/epnexcluded/EBAY-US?limit=200
Feed: US (page 2): http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/epnexcluded/EBAY-US?limit=200&offset=200
Feed: Canada (page 2): http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/epnexcluded/EBAY-CA?limit=200&offset=200

2016: eBay Deals Feeds

This appears to be the current feed syntax for accessing eBay Deals in XML format, separate from ePN. Just follow the REST URL syntax below and adjust accordingly (limit/count, offset/page, country/locale, category).

US Top 10 Deals: http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/ebay-us
Canada Top 200 Deals: http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/ebay-ca?limit=200
Germany Next 200 Deals: http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/ebay-de?limit=200&offset=200
UK Top 10 Deals in Category Mobile Phones: http://www.ebay.com/rps/feed/v1.1/ebay-gb?eBayCatId=15032


eBay Deals: RSS Feed via ePN

Newly released in 2013, ePN offers an RSS feed to retrieve active Deals in many eBay sub/categories. The new feed is accessed and generated within the eBay Partner Network portal: Tools --> Widgets --> RSS Feed Generator --> select eBay US --> select Feed Type = Deals. I've done limited testing, but here's what I know:

As implied above, it seems that currently eBay US is the only ePN program supporting these Deals. Maybe that'll change at some point. ... Returned links are affiliatized/roverized for you! (Minor caveat: I noticed that the destination URLs are not URL encoded as I think they should be, but in practice this probably is no problem.) ... Up to 3 categories can be specified. ... This feed doesn't seem to retrieve the classic handful of site-wide "eBay Daily Deals" per se; use the Anywhere feeds below for that. ... No ePN account? You could probably build the necessary feed URLs following these specs (parameters include examples values):

(I haven't tried stress-testing the capabilities of the feed much, but I've wondered how it would behave by tweaking some of the params like the country, conflicting atom vs JSON, using other &feedtype_id='s, dropping non/optional params, etc.)

eBay Deals Events (US)

 web: http://www.ebay.com/rpp/dailydealevents

Trending Item Deals (US)

 web: http://deals.ebay.com/trending/all

eBay Daily Deals: Anywhere.eBay.com Feeds

US: http://anywhere.ebay.com/services/feed/deals/deals.php?siteid=0&version=3&dealdetail=2
UK: http://anywhere.ebay.com/services/feed/deals/deals.php?siteid=3&version=3&dealdetail=2&type=0
DE: http://anywhere.ebay.com/services/feed/deals/deals.php?siteid=77&version=3&dealdetail=2&type=0
AU: http://anywhere.ebay.com/services/feed/deals/deals.php?siteid=15&version=3&dealdetail=2


eBay Daily Deals: Classic Deals Feeds (Mostly Now Deprecated)

US - branding: "eBay Daily Deal" [4 items]
 web: http://deals.ebay.com/
 RSS: http://deals.ebay.com/feeds/rss
 XML: http://deals.ebay.com/feeds/xml
JSON: http://deals.ebay.com/feeds/json   [ also: http://deals.ebay.com/feeds/jsonp ]

UK - branding: "eBay Daily Deals" [2 items]
 web: http://deals.ebay.co.uk/ & http://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/deals/
 XML: http://www.ebay.co.uk/rps/deals/DailyDeals-im.xml
 XML: http://www.ebay.com/rps/deals/DailyDeals-im.xml?siteId=3
 RSS: http://deals.ebay.co.uk/DailyDeal.rss
 XML: http://deals.ebay.co.uk/DailyDeals-im.xml
 XML: http://deals.ebay.co.uk/DailyDeal.xml [old, just 1 item]

DE - branding: "eBay Wow! Angebote" / "eBay Wow! des Tages" [2 items]
 web: http://deals.ebay.de/ & http://www.ebay.de/rpp/deals/
 XML: http://www.ebay.de/rps/deals/DailyDeals-im.xml
 XML: http://www.ebay.com/rps/deals/DailyDeals-im.xml?siteId=77
 XML: http://deals.ebay.de/DailyDeals-im.xml
 RSS: http://deals.ebay.de/DailyDeal.rss
 XML: http://deals.ebay.de/DailyDeal.xml [old, just 1 item]

AU - branding: "eBay Deals" [2 items]
 web: http://deals.ebay.com.au/ & http://www.ebay.com.au/rpp/deals
 RSS: http://deals.ebay.com.au/rss/
 XML: http://deals.ebay.com.au/xml/DailyDeal.xml
 XML: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/XML/en/DailyDeal.xml

CA - branding: "eBay Deals" [several items]
 web: http://deals.ebay.ca/
 XML: [see up above for newer feeds]


eBay Deals: New Feed

I know little about this feed, but it seems to handle eBay Deals for eBay Canada, and maybe others countries.

CA - branding: "eBay Deals"
 web: http://deals.ebay.ca/
 XML: http://www.ddservice.ebay.com/feeds/new/xml?siteid=2&count=4 (count=4 is arbitrary and can go pretty darn high)

Fashion Sales/Events

US - branding: "Fashion Sales and Events" (formerly 'Fashion Vault')
 web: http://www.ebay.com/rpp/fashionvault   [ also: http://fashiondeals.ebay.com/ http://fashionvault.ebay.com/ ]
 XML: http://www.ebay.com/rpp/feeds/sales?saleType=fashionvault&format=xml
JSON: http://www.ebay.com/rpp/feeds/sales?saleType=fashionvault&format=json
 XML: http://fashiondeals.ebay.com/feeds/xml


US Motors Parts Deals

 web: widget at: http://www.motors.ebay.com/
 XML: http://apps.motors.ebay.com/partsdeal

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