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Update (2019) : This website is deprecated. Some/much of the info
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A Smattering of eBay URL Syntax

eBay Search URLs

You can build an eBay search URL pretty easily by assembling a base URL and multiple URL query string parameters. The result is a URL that delivers on-site search results per your request and eBay's back-end search processing algorithms.

I don't think eBay's search URL parameters are officially documented anywhere, but below are a handful of 'em I've collected in my notes and used. This is certainly a non-exhaustive list, as there are many more, including many redundant ones too.

I learned many of these through trial-and-error, plucking params out of live eBay searches and tinkering with them. It's certainly possible that some of these params don't always work, only used to work in earlier eBay search frameworks, or work only in certain scenarios. Be sure to test your URL before going live.

Start with this base URL (adapted to whichever eBay country-site you are targeting): http://www.ebay.com/sch/_______ . Then append the respective parameters, taking into account typical syntax requirements such as URL encoding when necessary (%20 for space) and ? or & as needed. Most of these params infer default values, so you can use only the ones you need in your final URL. I've inserted some example values below.



eBay Item URLs

There are numerous historical syntaxes that eBay has used over the years for specifying an item's View Item page. Here are a few of them that I'm aware of. (They are for desktop pages, not mobile. They're also bereft of extraneous SEO keyword components.)

As usual, feel free to adjust the eBay hostname for other international properties. However, some of the smaller eBay sites may not be as compatible with each of these URLs, so be sure to test. I tend to prefer the first 1 or 2 below, as they have some longevity/history on eBay and were the most compatible with international sites the last time I checked.

Other eBay URLs

eBay Hybrid Landing Page: Find this on the homepage.

eBay Collections: Some info across a few posts in a thread here and a thread here at the ePN forums.

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